I graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1983 and have, since then, been working as a full-time independent artist. I have not remained true to any particular style or material. Instead, I let the subject matter, nature and content of each work define the implementation method and material.
From the start my art has included site-specific and other installations as well as environmental art. In addition to free sculptures I make portraits and headstones in granite and bronze.

I produce sandblasted glass art for cupboard and other doors, bathroom partitions, windows and glass tables.
Several collections hold my glass works, including the Finnish State Art Collection, the Art Collections of Savonlinna, Mikkeli and Porvoo cities in Finland as well as the municipal collections of Sandviken in Sweden and Nanto in Italy.
Some of my public artworks are on display in e.g. Porvoo Main Library, the park of Villa Aikala, owned by Finska Läkaresällskapet, in Helsinki, and Mikkeli College of Crafts and Design.

I have been active in various local and national artists’ associations. I am a member of, for example, The Association of Finnish Sculptors and the Swedish KKV-B – Artists Collective Workshops, Bohuslän. I live and work in Porvoo, Finland.